Rhinoplasty Instruments 50 Pieces Set Nose Plastic Surgery New High Quality By ZaBeel Industries


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Rhinoplasty Instruments 50 Pieces Set Nose Plastic Surgery New High Quality By ZaBeel Industries

Product Description:

Steel Ruler 6\” ————————————————————–1
Metz Lahey Crv Del 5 3⁄4\” Tc—————————————-1
Metz Sciss Cvd Del 7 Tc ——————————————–1
Crile Wood Nh Serr 7\” Tc\” ———————————————-1
Mallet W/Repl Plst Discs —————————————-1
Maltz Rasp 7\” Bkd Cut ————————————————–1
Joseph Rasp Fine Crss Serr 61⁄4\” ————————————–1
Aufricht Glabellar Rasps 8\” Bkd—————————————-1
Cottle Dorsal Sciss Ang 61⁄2\”——————————————–1
Black Cotted Cottle Septal Spec 2\” ——————————————–2
Cottle Elev Cm-Grad D/E 9 ———————————————-1
Joseph Perio Elev 7\” X6.5Mm ——————————————1
Joseph Perio Elev 61⁄4\” X4.5Mm—————————————-1
Cottle Nasal Knife Sh 51⁄2\” 4Mm ————————————–1
Cottle Nasal Osteo 61⁄2\” Cvd ——————————————–1
Cinelli Osteo Grd 2Sd Str 10Mm ————————————–1
Cot Knife Grd/Retr 8\” 5Mm Hook————————————–1
Neiv Knife Gd/Retr 61⁄2\” D-End —————————————-1
Cottle Ret 51⁄2\” 4Prng 2Reces ——————————————1
Fomon Retr Ball End Dbl 61⁄4\” ——————————————1
Converse Alar Retr D/E 41⁄2\” ——————————————–1
Iris Sciss Str S/S 31⁄2\” —————————————————-1
Freer Elevator De Sh/Bl 71⁄4\” ——————————————–1
Joseph Hook 1/Pr Sh 61⁄4\” ———————————————-1
Joseph Hook 2/Pr Sh 61⁄4\” 5Mm—————————————-2
Gillies Skin Hook 7\” 3Mm ———————————————-1
Adson Dressing Fcp Serr 43⁄4\” ——————————————1
Strabismus Sciss Str 41⁄2\”————————————————1
Strabismus Sciss Crv 41⁄2\” ———————————————-1
Desmarres Lid Retr 12Mm ———————————————-1
Castroviejo Caliper 31⁄4\” ————————————————–1
Cottle Columella Fcp 41⁄2\”————————————————1
Hartman Ear Fcp Light Serr Jaw ————————————–1
Jansen Nasal Fcp Bayonet 61⁄2\” —————————————-1
Sheehan Osteo Str 61⁄4\” 4Mm——————————————1
Sheehan Osteo Str 61⁄4\” 8Mm ——————————————1
Sheehan Osteo Str 61⁄4\” 10Mm —————————————-1
Sheehan Osteo Str 61⁄4\” 12Mm —————————————-1
Killian Med W/Set Screw 3\” ——————————————1
Foman Nas Low Lat Scis Cv 53⁄4\” ————————————–1
Ash Sept Straightening Fcp 9\” —————————————-1
Ballenger Swivel Knife 4Mm ——————————————1
Joseph Bone Saw Str 71⁄2\” ———————————————-1
Schnidt Half Crv Tons Fcp 71⁄2\” —————————————-2
Maltz Rasp Se Fine Tc—————————————————-1
Maltz Rasp Se Medium Tc ———————————————-1


Made in stainless steel,       good quality 100%

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Stainless Steel


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