3.5mm LCP (Locking Compression Plate )Plates & Locking Screws Set of 212 Pieces Small Fragments 316L Steel by ZaBeel Industries


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3.5mm LCP (Locking Compression Plate) & Locking Screws & Screw Driver Set of 212 Pcs Ortho/Vet Instrument by ZaBeel Industries

Product Description:   

YouTube Link:https://youtu.be/-WfrqsDGuy0        

3.5mm LCP (Locking Compression Plate) Plates 11 PCs of Different Number of Holes

LCP Bone Plate Hole Quantity
LCP Bone Plate 4 1
LCP Bone Plate 5 1
LCP Bone Plate 6 1
LCP Bone Plate 7 1
LCP Bone Plate 8 1
LCP Bone Plate 9 1
LCP Bone Plate 10 1
LCP Bone Plate 11 1
LCP Bone Plate 12 1
LCP Bone Plate 13 1
LCP Bone Plate 14 1
316L Steel www.zabeelind.com Total Qty 11PCS

3.5mm Locking Screws Self Tapping 200 Pcs Different Lengths

Locking Screws Lengths mm Quantity
Locking Screws 12 10
Locking Screws 14 10
Locking Screws 16 10
Locking Screws 18 10
Locking Screws 20 10
Locking Screws 22 10
Locking Screws 24 10
Locking Screws 26 10
Locking Screws 28 10
Locking Screws 30 10
Locking Screws 32 10
Locking Screws 34 10
Locking Screws 36 10
Locking Screws 38 10
Locking Screws 40 10
Locking Screws 42 10
Locking Screws 44 10
Locking Screws 46 10
Locking Screws 48 10
Locking Screws 50 10
316L Steel www.zabeelind.com Total Qty 200

1 Piece of Suitable Hex Screw Driver

Screw Driver Size Quantity
Screw Driver Suitable 1
Stainless Steel www.zabeelind.com Total Qty 1 PC


Total Quantity 212 pieces Set

Made in 316L Steel, Good Quality 100% Guarantee


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Stainless Steel


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